Monday, December 7, 2009

Soooo...recently i read another chapter of the book Contemporary Issues in Art Education. This chapter was called Issues of the Body in contemporary art. One part of this chapter that really stood out to me because of its relevance in this issue i am interested in about teens having is "The Body and the Media." This section focused on the images that surround us every day and influences the ideas we form. "They must form ideas about their coolness or uncoolness, strength or weakness, gender identity, and sexual attractiveness with in a context of images and ideas coming to them from a huge mass of signs in the media"(pp.227)  The media has a strong effect on the self-concepts of our youth and their body image. There are images that effect how and what we think of women. How we represent women, and men through out the media influence the roles our youth believe they have to play. Women are paraded around as these sexual savages with a gaze directed directly at the male. Women are supposed to be "open" to men. Men are supposed want it. They are supposed to want sex, ass, all of it, all the time. TV shows and lyrics can cause or young males to evaluate their social status based on how much "ass" they are getting. I don't believe this is they way we want our teens to continue to view or value sex.

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